Thanatos Couture
Whether it is a political concept, a historical reference and study, or just for the sake of learning and improving the quality and effect of a pre-existing garment, there is always something to say and do in the medium of fashion. I feel like everything has a story and a personal connection in one way or another to people. Thus I like my work to carry out a form of story telling new or old. I try to embroider images in people’s minds of what my work is saying, where it will be, and who is wearing it through my silhouettes, color palette, and surface embellishment. In my designs I try to always keep a touch of elegance and sophistication along with flattering shapes and structure in a garment.
I believe that one person will never stop learning and that you should never choose the “easy way out,” but instead make it more complicated and to challenge yourself because ultimately that is what you will learn from the most: your own struggle to solve a problem. Being harder on yourself shows how dedicated you are in your field. Taking steps out of your comfort zone is essential sometimes, because the rounded view you can obtain will make you more versatile in work to come. Stepping out of the box helps in the long run as well; when the time comes to come back to what you know you can look at it in a new and innovative perspective making it even fresher than before.

-Rachel Sara Goldberg